Monday, March 2, 2009

One of my friend just brought ellesse brand watch

When I when to church on last Sunday for mass, i meet one of my good friend name Dominic. He is younger than me and currently study in Sunway Collage. Suddenly, i saw a new watch wearing in his hand, i took his hand and have a look on the watch. Wah, Ellesse watch again!! He was wearing same brand with me. His watch are newer model than mine. What comes to my mind was he was the first person that knows a lot of Ellesse brand. I told him that I am doing a blog about ellesse and he promise me to give me more information about Ellesse brand since I was a new users. For sure i will share with you all the next post. haha

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  1. Good good! Can't wait to

    I'm curious to know about Ellesse ^_^